10-yr-old Samantha Christian from Apache Junction saves family in house fire

APACHE JUNCTION, AZ - Ten-year-old Samantha Christian reacted fast Monday night when it mattered most.

"I came out of that door. I came running down the stairs. I went over there," Christian said.

She said a portable air conditioner in her room began to spark early Monday morning and quickly started a fire.

"I was screaming there's a fire in my room, there's a fire in my room, and my mom was just shocked," she said.

Samantha woke up her mom, who tried to pour water on the flames. Samantha then rushed to get her two brothers to safety.

She managed to get 8-year-old Brendan up, and escort him through the smoke to a neighbor's house.

"I started coughing a lot. Deep coughs because I inhaled a lot of smoke," she said.

Despite the thick smoke and fast-growing flames, Samantha ran went back into the burning home for her youngest brother, Mikey, who was still asleep.

"I realized I couldn't get him up. So then I picked him up, threw him on my shoulder, and brought him across the street to my neighbor," the 10-year-old said.

Samantha still wasn't done, she went back for her mom.

"I wanted her out. I would not leave the living room, I was just screaming trying to get her out," she said.

Finally, they managed to get away from the fire, where neighbors called 911 and used hoses to keep the flames down until firefighters arrived.

The place was a total loss, but Sam's mom says she's grateful her young daughter did so well under pressure and got everyone out alive.

"She's my little girl scout. She's pretty brave. I am pretty proud of what she did," Labecca Christian said.

The Apache Junction Fire Department has set up a fund for donations for the family. You can go to to any Wells Fargo to make a contribution.

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