Apache Junction church forgives copper thieves

APACHE JUNCTION, AZ - A Valley church targeted by thieves is offering forgiveness rather than seeking revenge.

Two Sundays in a row, copper thieves broke into a metal cage to get to the piping, cutting off the water supply at Community Christian Church in Apache Junction.

So the church decided to respond by posting a message on the church's sign that reads, "Dear Copper Thieves: 1. We Forgive You; 2. God Sees You; 3. Dry Baptisms Hurt.

The last message refers to the fact that without water for their baptistery, it's impossible to baptize anyone during the service.

While church members are quick to forgive, they've created a more secure cage to make it harder for anyone who may want to try it again.

Frank Wootton, who takes care of maintenance at the church, said the thieves only got about $40 worth of copper but it took close to $1,500 to repair.

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