Valley florist's work honors Det. John Hobbs

PHOENIX - A memorial continues to grow near the site where a Phoenix police detective was shot earlier this week.

A prayer vigil is being held Friday evening for Det. John Hobbs who was killed by a suspect he and other detectives were trying to take into custody on Monday.

The community is showing its support and appreciation in all sorts of ways at the scene located at 43rd Avenue and Bethany Home Road.

The memorial has hundreds of items including balloons, flowers and teddy bears.

And one Valley florist is working around the clock to make sure everything is perfect for the events being held to remember the fallen officer.

"As soon as I know we lost someone I know I'll start getting the calls," said Shelli Walker of Community Florist.

She says flowers can make a big difference, from the carefully worded messages to the design.

But the arrangements for Det. Hobbs are a little more personal for Walker.

Her son is a firefighter so she understands the risks first-responders live with every day.

Walker thinks about all the families that are hurting every time a hero dies in the line of duty.

"This is as much as I can do, and if it makes them feel better then I'm happy to do it," she says.

It’s just one of the ways a community comes together to show their support.

Walker is doing a total of six arrangements that will be at both the Sunday visitation and the funeral on Monday.

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