Phoenix police officer shoots dog after it looked like dog was about to attack two children

PHOENIX - A pit bull seemed like it was about to attack two children Monday, forcing police officers to shoot it.

Officers responded to the area of 67th Avenue and Van Buren after receiving reports that two dogs were involved in a fight, said Sgt. Steve Martos. One of the dogs was reportedly a pit bull, according to police.

The dog then appeared like it was about to attack two nearby children which caused the officer to fire his weapon, ultimately killing the dog, said police.

Neighbors say dogs roaming the streets of this neighborhood happen all the time.

Alicia Rivera says the fight started after a pit bull came into her yard and began eating her dog's food. At this point, the fight between the dogs escalated and authorities were called.

Rivera says her dog was bitten in the neck, but that it is expected to be OK.

Police don't exactly know who the owner of the dog is. Animal Control did remove another dog from a neighboring home, left a note for the owners, but those owners say the dog involved in the fight isn't theirs.


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