Phoenix couple who found boy in backyard want him to stay with them

PHOENIX - Police are releasing more details about how a 2-year-old boy wound up all alone in a stranger's backyard.

Phoenix police say the boy’s mother admitted to drinking Friday night at a wedding and that she blacked out for several hours until getting a ride home with a stranger.

It wasn't until the next morning that she realized the little boy wasn't with her.

The couple who found the boy want him to stay with them until the whole mess is been sorted out.

Joel Contreras says the boy was "very joyful, happy and he's really good with others."

The toddler has been in the care of Child Protective Services since leaving Contreras' home Saturday morning.

The couple says they've placed several calls and left messages at CPS offices but haven't heard anything back yet.

Joel says the mother shouldn't get the boy back so easily.

"It wouldn't sit so well with me," Contreras said.

Now the mother is facing one felony count of child abuse.

Joel says he feels relieved because "I know it's going to be a little harder for her to get him back."

"This is your child. Love them. You only get one chance at life," Joel advises the mother.

The mom has since been released from jail.

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