Memorial grows where Phoenix police officer John Hobbs lost his life

PHOENIX - A growing makeshift memorial marks the site where Phoenix police officer John Hobbs lost his life in a gun battle near 43rd Avenue and Bethany Home Monday afternoon.

The memorial site continued to grow as people came out to pay their respects all day.

Police officers and families brought candles, flowers, posters and hand-written notes to say thank you to the police officer who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Strangers of the fallen officer were brought to tears as they dropped by a makeshift memorial to pay their condolences.

People we spoke with say they came to show their support to police during this difficult time.

They say they're also thinking of Officer Hobbs's family and praying for the other officer's recovery.

"Knowing that it hurts. I mean when it happens like that and it you know, somebody who just does it, there's no way you can really explain it just hurts," said TJ Hopson who knows the officer who survived.

“I appreciate them so much for what they do, and they’re not forgotten,” said Donna Murdock.

Families even brought their children to pay their respects.

“They really stick their necks out on the line every day. I think it’s really important for people to remember the families of these people,” said Brandon Johnson, after he and his four-year-old son dropped of flowers.

We saw several people walk over to police to shake their hand and thank them for what they do every day.

“My heart goes out to them, and I was having to hold back tears,” said David Baxter, after he visited the memorial and spoke with police officers afterward.

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