Valley man, Frank Morrison, blames police for putting him in the hospital

PHOENIX - Frank Morrison is recovering in the hospital after he said he had a stroke.

He claims it happened when police took him into custody while investigating a burglary call near his home in south Phoenix.

"I just remember screaming at them not to shoot me," said Morrison.

After questioning him, Morrison said police let him go when they determined he was not the suspect they were looking for.

But the officers have come under fire for the way they handled the call because some believe police never got Morrison help for his stroke.

"You leave without calling 911, you leave without calling for help, you leave without doing the right thing," said civil rights activist, Rev. Jarrett Maupin. "And they left him there. They left him there to die."

Maupin said police also roughed-up Morrison while he was being questioned despite his medical condition.

"You got to make sure you have the right guy before you lay on the force and profile someone and physically harm them this was not the right man," said Maupin.

The Phoenix Police Department issued a statement saying:

"It has always been the policy of the Phoenix Police Department to welcome the community to report any allegations of officer misconduct; we take all complaints seriously. Although allegations have been made to the media, none of these were brought to the attention of the Phoenix Police Department. Nonetheless, based on information received late yesterday the department is looking into this incident. Attempts have been made to speak with Mr. Morrison however he has declined to speak with us. We have learned our officers came into brief contact with Mr. Morrison in the early morning hours of Monday August 26th during an unrelated incident.  We will continue to review the facts as information is received and we encourage open and honest communications with the community we protect and serve."


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