South Phoenix man, Joshua Hoover, applying to sell guns and ammo from home

PHOENIX - A Phoenix man is seeking approval to sell guns and firearms from his home near 22nd Street and South Mountain and his neighbors are not happy.

"I know of at least 15 people who opposed this," said Scott Wylie, who is circulating a petition. Wylie worries that the business could generate problems in the neighborhood. He is concerned about how much inventory would be stored.   

Wylie told ABC15 that stored ammo and guns may attract criminals to the neighborhood, and has concerns that a gun sales operation would hurt the neighborhood in terms of housing values.

Joshua Hoover is applying for the "use permit" which will require a zoning adjustment. Hoover would not speak on camera, but told ABC15 that he was unaware of the neighbors petition.

He said that he is willing to talk to any neighbor about their concerns.

City zoning officials said that it is really not any different than any other home base business with a few exceptions.

The ATF requires a physical address to be registered and not a post office box. The use permit would prohibit the business from generating traffic in the neighborhood, meaning no one would be allowed to pickup a purchase at the home.

The guns would have to be shipped through a licensed gun dealer.

The owner must still pass all gun background checks like any other gun owner.  

ATF officials told ABC15 different jurisdictions may have limitations on the amount of inventory stored at a home or home based business.

Phoenix Fire Prevention officials told ABC15 that there is no limit on the inventory except for the amount of gunpowder that can be stored.       

Twenty pounds of gunpowder can be stored at a property unsecured, and a maximum of 50 pounds can be kept in a secured box. 

Wyile told ABC15 that he found a handful of other similar business that applied for use permits in the city in  the past year or so. City planning officials were unable to verify the status of those addresses as gun and ammo dealers, but are researching our request.

A public hearing is slated for Thursday morning at 200 West Washington Street, Assembly room C.

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