South Phoenix homes muddy messes after morning storm

PHOENIX - Families in a South Phoenix neighborhood are trying to dry out tonight after some homes got two feet of water following Sunday morning's storm.

We checked out the neighborhood near 19th Avenue and Broadway Road where at least four homes have backyards that look more like lakes.

Inside the homes, it looks like a river of mud has gone through.

The thump, thump, thump of generators is the first thing you hear when you step into a now water-logged home on West Chipman Street.

Many residents were jolted awake by the storm.

"I'm looking through the window and it's a constant pour," Eugene Vizzera described.

Vizzera was one of the unlucky ones. His home was flooded.

For Renee Heaton, panic started to rise right along with water levels inside her home.

"Started freaking out yelling, ‘Get everything up high,' cause I don't know how far it's gonna go,"

Unfortunately, water gutted their home of just a year. Renee says the furniture and everything is gone.

The flooding left a layer of mud, ruined flooring that's now being torn up.

They're a family overwhelmed, just trying to sort through one soggy pile at a time.

And the real heartbreaker is that many in the neighborhood don't have homeowner's insurance and the Red Cross has told them it's not a big enough emergency for them to help out.

Paramount Restoration has stepped up to help the Heaton family and is accepting donations to pass along to them for anyone who wants to help.

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