Shooting update: Police say man admits to killing neighbor

PHOENIX - Phoenix police say a man admits to shooting and killing his neighbor.

Sergeant Steve Martos says Nicholas Oakes shot and killed his neighbor at his townhome near 52nd Street and Thomas Road on Friday.

Police say the shooting stems from an ongoing dispute between the two.

Neighbor Dolores Serafin says, "Nick had problems. You know you would see him and you would say 'hi' but he did have a lot of problems."

Serafin says Oakes posted flyers on her street, warning about a spike in crime.             

"At first I didn't know who was doing it but there were these flyers on my door about all of this horrible crime going on. I asked my neighbors and they said 'no, there's nothing going on,'" Serafin said.

Oakes now faces a first-degree murder charge.





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