Residents in south Phoenix neighborhood nervous about flooding from heavy rain

PHOENIX - A rainy forecast is the last thing Reenee Heaton and her fiancé Josh Hardin want to hear.

"I'm nervous, I hope we make it through it," said Reenee. "It's just sad, you know, because we worked hard to get it together, and [now we have to] kind of start over again."

Four months ago in July, heavy monsoon rains pounded their neighborhood on Chipman Road. It caused major flooding throughout their home, ruining their floors and furniture.

"We put a lot into it and we still aren't all the way there," said Josh.

It has taken months and thousands of dollars to rebuild. But with no insurance, these homeowners are not sure what they can do to protect themselves in the flood-prone area.

"There's nothing we can really do but see what happens and hope for the best."

Hoping for the best and counting their blessings, even in this tough situation.

 "A flood is a flood," said Josh. "It's bad but we're still fortunate."

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