Photographer Chad Black ends up in middle of shooting scene

PHOENIX - An independent news photojournalist found himself in the middle of a police shootout as he recorded the scene early Saturday morning.

Chad Black rushed to the scene near 83rd Avenue and Buckeye Road after he heard the call on a police scanner around 1:30 a.m.

Black said he parked about a block away from where a man was firing a weapon randomly into the air.

He thought he was safe but Black said that within minutes of taking out his camera and starting to shoot the scene, bullets were flying by him.

He said bullets were hitting objects within arm's reach and hitting a wall behind him.

Black said he took cover between a mailbox and brick wall along with another bystander who was caught in the crossfire.

Gunfire continued for about 10 minutes before it finally stopped. That's when Black said he heard on the police scanner that the shooter had been fatally wounded by officers.

Black said one officer was shot in the hand, and a neighbor was injured by flying glass. Another officer was injured by flying debris.

He said the police department helicopter was forced to land due to suspect bullet holes in the air frame.

Black said he and the man he took cover with were just "praying and hoping" they would make it out of that space alive.

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