Phoenix police arrest Rickesha Burns on charges of sexual conduct with 2-year-old relative

PHOENIX - Phoenix police have arrested a 21-year-old woman accused of sexually abusing a 2-year-old relative and then trying to blame it on another child.

According to Officer James Holmes, police were called to Rickesha Burns' home at 67th Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road on Sunday afternoon for an "unknown trouble" call.

When police arrived on the scene, Burns was holding the boy who was crying hysterically.

Holmes says the child, who Burns was watching while the baby's father was out of town in California, was bleeding from the anus. The boy was immediately transported to Phoenix Children's Hospital.

Burns told police that she was at the park earlier in the day with the family relative, who was also playing with an unidentified 12-year-old boy. Burns reportedly said she looked at a text message for about 10 seconds when the 2-year-old began crying, which indicated to her that the 12-year-old did something to the toddler.

When the toddler arrived at the hospital, doctors advised detectives that the child had injuries around his rectal area and that a foreign object was forced into his anus. According to court documents, the object "appears to be a vibrator or some other sex toy."

Detectives interviewed Burns and probable cause was developed to book her into jail on charges of sexual conduct with a minor and child abuse.

Holmes said they found no evidence that the child had been assaulted at the park by another child.

Holmes said the toddler is scheduled for surgery to remove the object.

According to court documents, this is not Burns' first run in with Phoenix police. She also faced child abuse allegations in 2011.

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