Parents turn in their son after he assaults a police officer

PHOENIX - Parents turn in their teenage son after he assaulted a Phoenix police officer at a party Friday night, according to the Phoenix Police Department.  

A Phoenix police officer arrived at a home near Chandler Boulevard and 48th Street after a call about a loud party Friday night.

He noticed people fleeing the party and that there was no furniture in the house, according to the police department.

A 17-year-old stated he was the homeowner, and when the officer attempted to question him, the boy threw a landscaping brick at the officer's leg before fleeing.

Police could not locate the boy. However, when the teenager's parents learned about the incident, they notified police.

The 17 year-old returned to the scene where he was arrested.

Police said the teenager's family had recently moved out of the house.

The parents have since denied their son assaulted the officer.

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