Nora Osman update: Marquis Young behind bars for deadly shooting at S. Phoenix party

PHOENIX - Police have arrested a suspect in a deadly drive-by shooting that killed a 19-year-old woman at a high school birthday party.

On November 9, 2013, Nora Osman was shot and killed outside of a party near Southern and 53rd avenues.

This past Saturday, Phoenix police arrested 18-year-old Marquis Young in connection to Osman's murder.

Court paperwork shows detectives believe it was a gang shooting. They say Young was inside the car shots were fired out of, on November 9.

Young interviewed with ABC15 days after his arrest. He admits he went to the party but says he didn't kill Nora.

"I lost my brother too at a house party, he was shot in the chest," said Young.

Nora's mother Deqa says even though it's been two months since her daughter's death, the pain is excruciating.

"Blood from another human being doesn't wash up," said Deqa. "If you kill someone it doesn't go away. It stays with you until you pay the price."

When Nora died, her sister was right there by her side.

Court records show the sister may have been approached by a man who wanted her to set up a fake drug deal, so he could shoot a rival gang member.     

"She told him 'no I'm not even involved with that and I don't want to deal with it,'" said Deqa.

Young now faces eight charges, including first-degree murder and possessing marijuana.

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