Massive swarm of bees kills family puppy in south Phoenix

PHOENIX - Imagine watching hundreds of killer bees attacking something you love and not being able to stop it. That's what happened to a Valley mom and her two little boys when they got home from the store Tuesday morning.

"I was putting everything inside when the puppy started barking and the baby went outside and he was like, 'Mommy there's a lot of bees in front of the house,'" explained Guadalupe Garcia.

Garcia tried to save the puppy from the swarming bees, but they quickly turned on her.

"It was either him or me, so I got inside the house."

They stung her 3-year-old once and got her numerous times on the neck and eye.

Phoenix firefighters destroyed the hive and rushed the puppy to the nearby Arizona Humane Society, but he didn't make it.

"I'm just hoping they leave, really I' m just so scared of bees now," Garcia said.

What makes this even more tragic is that the bees have been buzzing around her home for years, but she couldn't afford an exterminator.

"I've been trying for help, because they're charging me $300 just to get rid of them," said Garcia.

That was too much for her to pay so she let them be.

Fire crews say without a hive the bees should find a new home soon, but until then Garcia will keep the door to her home shut tight.

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