Image of Jesus Christ spotted at Sky Harbor?

When you're rushing to catch a flight, sometimes it's hard to stop and appreciate the little things.

That's the case for travelers at Sky Harbor, who walk by an image that has many convinced a higher power is at work.

Sitting behind a trash can at the Terminal 3 North checkpoint is the face of what many believe to be Jesus Christ, imprinted in a tile.

Transportation Security Administration staff we asked said they hadn't noticed it until news crews started showing up drawing attention to the image no bigger than the size of a nickel.

Travelers who looked at it were split on whether it is a sign from God.

It took Melissa Miller and her husband Tim a minute before they could make out His features.

"Okay yeah. Right there. Just on the corner piece of the tile. It does look like Jesus. But it is so small," said Melissa.

Others had a much harder time making out the image.

"No I don't think it looks like Jesus. I just think it's a tile that somebody dented and their heel or their foot print just happened to have divots in it," said Lori Lieb.

Those who see it insist His face, hair and even His crown of thorns is obvious, and was placed on the tile for a very specific reason.

"People just want to believe in a higher power I believe," said Miller.


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