300+ officers assist in massive south Phoenix drug sweep

PHOENIX - More than 300 officers from more than 10 agencies have seized drugs, made at least 40 arrests and taken property in a massive police operation in south Phoenix.

Phoenix police tell ABC15 Tuesday's bust puts a major dent in the Valley's illegal drug business.

They said David Mosely was the ringleader, and suspects are now behind bars with him.

"What we did is we took off what we believe are the main suppliers and sources of illegal narcotics and illegal drugs into this community and into the Valley," Phoenix Police Sgt. Sean Connolly said.

Investigators believe Mosely would bring uncut powder cocaine over the border and have his workers at "cook houses" turn that into massive amounts of crack cocaine.

Those drugs would be divided and work their way to street level dealers.

Officers say the lucrative business of drug-dealing would bring rival gangs together.

"Gangs that have never worked together, criminal street gangs working together collaboratively for the sake of making money and distributing narcotics into this community," Connolly said.

He said they would also see violence stem from the drug-trade.

"They were involved drug rips, home invasions, and when we started to put these relationships together, we were amazed at the communication and collaboration that went on between these drug dealers," Connolly said.

Phoenix Police Sgt. Trent Crump said 17 firearms were recovered along with $170,000 in cash, and 19 pounds of cocaine.

Crump said dozens of vehicles were seized. Over $350,000 in vehicles came from one suspect, including vintage vehicles found hidden in storage units.

In a strange twist, officers discovered hundreds of pairs of sneakers at one Tempe home.

They are all high-end Nike Air Jordans and they were all size 11.

Detectives joked he had more shoes than Imelda Marcos.

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