Valley mom Kim Pickens brings new lice remedy to Arizona

PHOENIX - They itch uncontrollably and many times take months to get rid of, but one Valley mom is hoping to change that.

Kim Pickens battled lice three years ago when her three children got them up after playing with other kids.

"It literally took three months to get rid of. I was frantic. We did repeated over-the-counter shampoo treatments every seven to ten days. It didn't work," said Kim.

Kim started looking into other treatments and came across Aire Alle, an FDA approved medical device that uses hot air to dehydrate and kill lice and their eggs. The system uses a filtration system similar to a blow dryer to release air at controlled temperatures.

"It works, without using any pesticides. The problem with all these over-the-counter medications is they attack the central nervous system of adult lice, but they don't kill the eggs. All it takes is one egg and it starts all over again. Aire Alle destroys all of it," said Kim.

The device works in just one 30-minute treatment. It was a convenience Kim was so impressed with, so she decided to bring it to Arizona.

"They didn't have anyone in Arizona certified to use the system, so I decided to help. You'd be surprised how many people are in need of it," said Kim.

Kim now performs at home lice removal treatment for just over $140.

"There's a stigma that comes with lice, but it doesn't matter how much money you make, how clean your head is, or where you live. Anybody can get it," said Kim.

September is head lice awareness month. For more information on lice detection and remedies you can visit the no nit Noggins website.

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