Valley father mourns his murdered son

Dominic Murphy lost his only son Thursday night.

His 16-year-old son, Andrew, died protecting his younger sister during an armed robbery attempt at Marivue Park in Phoenix.

"Next to falling in love with my wife that was the greatest joy in my life," said Dominic.

Dominic said he is so proud of his son who stood up and did what many men wouldn't have done.

"My son passed protecting his sisters. And that doesn't surprise me. That doesn't surprise me," said a tearful Dominic.

Andrew was a junior in high school. He also served as a deacon in training at his church, and like most teens loved being around his best friends.

"The world is not a better place with him gone. Far from it," said Dominic.

And as hard as it might seem to some, Dominic said he has already forgiven the man who killed his son.

"If in my son's death that means this young man finding Christ and giving himself to Christ it's worth it because he'll get to meet my son in heaven to realize my son was not a bad guy. [He] could have probably been the best friend he ever had," said Dominic.

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