Valley beautician Danielli Marcelino shapes eyebrows to bring good luck

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what about your eyebrows? What do they say? One Valley beautician says they can bring you good luck if you know what to do with them.

Danielli Marcelino has been waxing for years at the Rio Wax Salon in Phoenix, using the ancient Chinese principles of Feng Shui.

"Just altering your eyebrows in a way that's more harmonious to your look, it brings more beauty and you will feel more confident and emit a good energy about yourself," said Marcelino.

In order to accomplish Feng Shui with eyebrows, Marcelino starts by trimming and re-shaping the base brow. Then she applies wax to help create an arch appropriate to her client's face structure.

"You want them to be a little bit fuller. Bold eyebrows are really much more elegant, but of course you want a nice arch in lift to them."

Marcelino said the arch of the brow is what invites people in, and makes a person more approachable. But if it's overdone, it can have the opposite effect, making someone look too harsh.

"It's important to measure, and get the right balance to create a positive energy," said Marcelino.

Depending on how dark or light your brow hair is, Marcelino also tints the brow accordingly. She believes the right balance of all three steps including trimming, waxing and tinting are the keys to success and good luck.

"To be able to get them in perfect symmetry and harmony it's just changed my life because this is something I look at every day and I want to be confident going out into the world," said client Kim Parten.

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