Thousands of Arizonans support national gun appreciation day

PHOENIX - Cheers at the Arizona State Capitol was the sound of hope for hundreds of valley gun supporters on Saturday. Thousands gathered at state capitols across the country with with signs, megaphones and a dream that gun laws in the U.S. will remain the same. The turnout in Phoenix was tremendous.

"I'm here because I love my country. I love freedom. The second amendment is critical to maintain that freedom and that's why I'm here," said gun owner Steve Gunnell.

Across town, others showed their support by buying and trading firearms at the big gun at the state fairgrounds. For those in attendance, only one thought was on their mind.

"I think people are feeling insecure they need a feeling of security. Fear of losing our rights to bear arms," said gun enthusiast Mary Jennen.

"I kind of feel the same way. Slowly but surely our rights are being taken away from us," said Gary Holman.

It's a hot topic following President Obama's gun control proposal Wednesday. While many agree something needs to be done, they feel singling out those who want to buy is the wrong solution.

"Obama does not believe in what he's preaching. He's trying to give up our guns and he's still trying to be armed. If he truly believes less guns are the answer, let him give up his armed guards first," said rally supporter Tim Jurincie.

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