Random act of kindness saves Valley Police Sergeant Michael Newman's life

PHOENIX - Total strangers, bonded for life, telling their story of survival.

"She put out an email blip," said Michael Newman.

That one blip may have saved his life.

After hearing about the retired Bullhead City Police Sergeant's need for a lifesaving kidney transplant, Kellie Boff decided she could help.

"I did the same thing I always do, explained Boff. "Got the information printed it, set it to the side of my desk, but I was gravitated to it. I kept going hmmmm."

Boff then proceeded with a true random act of kindness.

"I just picked up the phone and called the Mayo clinic. I did it. Didn't tell anyone," Boff smiled.

"She's a giving person, caring, big heart obviously," Newman said gladly.

Giving is right. Boff decided to donate one of her kidneys to Newman,  a complete stranger.

"It's a blessing you know, Newman exclaimed. "You hear about it all the time. There's so many great people around and I got to meet one."

After testing, it was confirmed that Boff was the perfect match.

"I was ecstatic," Newman shouted. "I think I went out and even had a beer for the first time in years."

"To be able to help someone like that is huge. It really is huge," Boff expressed.

Her act may not have been as random as you might think. "I grew up in a military background," Boff explained. "My father worked for the sheriff's department."

Newman and Boff met for the first time since the transplant, one week ago, at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix.

"Never would have dreamed of doing it if it hadn't been for that email," Boff said.

An email delivered to the right person at the right time.

"She's my hero," Newman smiled.

"He's retired he should be out there and doing things," Boff laughed. "If he thinks he's getting away scot-free with my kidney he has no idea."

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