'Prickly Pete' rescued after getting stuck to cactus in Phoenix

PHOENIX - The Arizona Humane Society had to rescue a cat after it got stuck to a cactus on Wednesday.

Someone saw the cat near 19th Avenue and Cactus Road and called the AHS.

When workers found the cat, he had cactus needles stuck to his head, leg, and back.

"I think a bird could have lured him in there. I think they have fun, they start pouncing around and before they know it they're in this predicament," said Bretta Nelson, spokesperson for the AHS.

Nelson said it took two hours for four workers to remove the cactus needles.

The cat, nicknamed Prickly Pete, is on pain medication and taking antibiotics to fight any infection.

The AHS is hoping the cat's owner will recognize him and give them a call.

The owner only has 72 hours to come forward or the cat will be put up for adoption.

The story is similar to a dog found earlier this year.

The dog, named Cactus Jack, was also found stuck to a cactus.

After no one came forward, the AHS held a raffle to adopt the dog because so many people were interested in taking him home.

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