Phoenix mom chases drunk driver after crash into bedroom

PHOENIX - A Phoenix mother chased a drunk driver down the street after he crashed his car into her daughter's bedroom early Monday morning.

Esa-Bella Clark-Guiboa, 12, was sleeping in her bed when a car crashed through her wall around midnight near 67th Avenue and Camelback Road.

"I thought it was a giant dream," said Esa.

Phoenix police said the driver of the black BMW, 26-year-old Daniel Sanchez Patino, lost control of his vehicle, drove through a fence and crashed through into the girl's bedroom.

After Esa's mom Terri realized her daughter was safe, she chased after the suspect, who reportedly ran away from the scene.

"I drove up next to him and asked him to stop and he wouldn't," said Terri.

Terri eventually caught up to the suspect and held him down until police arrived.

Authorities said 911 operators first started receiving calls regarding an erratic driver in the neighborhood and then received calls about the crash a few minutes later.

Patino was arrested and booked on charges of criminal damage, leaving the scene, extreme DUI and endangerment.

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