Valley woman saves pit bull found with gunshot wound

PHOENIX - "My heart broke at the first sight of him. He was torn up. Everywhere," wrote 10-year-old Jessi Davis to the Arizona Humane Society.

Her mother, Andi Davis, was hiking Friday near 20th Street and Dunlap when she came across the injured pit bull, said Arizona Humane Society spokeswoman Bretta Nelson.

Davis quickly realized he was docile and needed help, so she picked up the 47-pound dog and carried him down the steep half-mile hike for the next hour.

Davis' husband and daughter met her at the bottom of the mountain and took the dog to the Arizona Humane Society.

Veterinarians found an open wound on the pit bull's chest and bullet fragments in his shoulder and neck. Jessi did not think he would make it.

"I thought I would never see him again," Jessi said.

Vets decided against removing the fragments because some were near his spinal cord and prescribed medication to help the dog heal.

The pit bull, now named Elijah, is still recovering from his injuries but now lives with the Davis family.

This Saturday is National Pit Bull Awareness Day and the Arizona Humane Society wants to remind people of how misunderstood pit bulls can be and how there is good in people and pit bulls.

ABC15 met up with the family and will have more on ABC15 News at 10 p.m.

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