Phoenix woman saves dog from coyote attack

PHOENIX - Several pets in a Phoenix neighborhood have gone missing in recent weeks and many people believe coyotes may be to blame.

A home security camera captured a coyote in a backyard near 19th Avenue and Greenway Road.

At least six pets have disappeared in the past two weeks and Toni Shiles said she watched as a coyote nearly took off with her dog Monday night.

"The next thing I know I heard my dog just yelping and screaming out of control," Shiles said.

Shiles jumped up and started yelling at the coyote. It then dropped the dog and took off leaving the dog with two bite marks on the back of her neck.

The close call surprised Shiles because she was in the backyard with her dog.

"They're very stealth. I was sitting here and I didn't even hear it come over and it was right here in my yard," Shiles said.

While several pets are missing, Shiles also wants parents to be aware of what's going on in their own backyards.

"This has all taken place within the last couple weeks so there's some activity going on in the neighborhood that I think everybody needs to be aware of even if you have small children," Shiles said.

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