Phoenix police arrest suspects in golf club theft using surveillance footage

PHOENIX - Phoenix police are thanking the public for its help in locating a burglary suspect who was caught on video last month allegedly stealing an expensive set of golf clubs and driving away in a very distinctive vehicle.

Police have arrested two suspects after releasing the surveillance footage and receiving a tip in the case.

Andrew Hargenrader, 35, matched the appearance of the man stealing the golf clubs and was arrested Monday on suspicion of burglary and trafficking in stolen property. Police also arrested Matt Tippett, 38, who is suspected of driving for Hargenrader.

Hargenrader and Tippett have been accused of stealing a set of high-end Ping golf clubs from the garage of a Northwest Phoenix home. The victim saw two men driving away with his golf clubs and drove after them, but he failed to catch up.

The suspects were caught on camera driving a very distinctive, bright orange Dodge Challenger away from the scene, which contributed to the identification of Hargenrader and Tippett.

In a news release, Phoenix Police thanked the public for its efforts in apprehending the suspects.

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