Phoenix Police arrest Andrew James Mathieson after elderly woman attacked, robbed early Saturday

PHOENIX - An elderly woman is currently recovering after she was attacked early Saturday morning in her Phoenix home.

Phoenix police say that the 76-year-old woman was inside her home near 3700 W. Rose Garden Lane in Phoenix and had fallen asleep while watching TV around 4 a.m. Saturday morning. At this time, a male suspect sneaked into her home.

Police say in a recent report that the woman heard a noise in her kitchen, and when she turned to look in that direction, she was assaulted by the suspect.

The suspect reportedly choked the woman until she was unconscious and stole items and a vehicle from the woman's home.

When the woman awoke, she reported the incident to police, who are now investigating the beating, robbery and possible sexual assault.

Police found the woman with injuries to her face, neck and head.

Report paperwork also noted that when the woman woke up, she found her underwear around her knees and a red bandana on the chair where she had fallen asleep.

Police said early Monday that they may have collected DNA evidence and also found a boot print at the woman's home.

A few hours later, police found the woman's vehicle crashed and partially burned near 3800 W. Beardsley Road.

Reports show that a boot print on scene matched that of the one found at the woman's home.

Police also found a driver's license at the car scene belonging to Joel Grosskopf.

Grosskopf was contacted by police and told them that he had given the ID to 22-year-old Andrew James Mathieson to get into a bar, but never got the ID back.

Phoenix police Sgt. Trent Crump said in a report early Monday afternoon that they arrested Mathieson in connection with the crime.

Paperwork reports that the victim's credit cards were found with Mathieson.

Police say the woman is now recovering with her family.

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