PD: Random bullet hits woman in Phoenix apartment

PHOENIX - A Phoenix woman, sleeping next to her infant son and husband, was shot late Thursday night.

Phoenix police say the suspect or suspects shot through the family's first floor apartment window into their bedroom.

It happened at a northwest Phoenix apartment complex, near Interstate 17 and Peoria Avenue.

Police received several 911 calls during the evening about gunshots in the area.

"I was dead asleep and then all of the sudden I heard bam bam bam," said resident Abbie Aloisi.

Aloisi said she was afraid to go outside because she didn't want to get shot.

So far, no arrest(s) have been made. Detectives don't have a motive at this time and say they don't know if the family or woman was a target.

The victim's wound is described as non-life-threatening.

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