Palo Verde beetles, crickets, large ants making a big appearance this monsoon season

NORTH PHOENIX - If you’ve noticed some different creepy crawlers hanging around your house lately, you’re not alone. There are some new bugs in town that aren’t going away anytime soon.                

Arizona has a large diversity of insects, and many of those come out of hiding during monsoon season.

“A lot of roaches and crickets might start coming out,” said Gerrit Millet, pest exterminator with Insectek Pest Solutions in Phoenix.

Millet says their business has been slammed lately, with homeowners ‘bugging out’ about crickets, grasshoppers, large biting ants, ticks, and especially Palo Verde beetles.

“It is the time of year that they start coming out,” said Millet.

Palo Verde beetles live under the soil for years, and only come up when they are adults to mate. They die just a few weeks later.

“They’re pretty big,” said Millet. “A lot of times they get mistaken for a giant cockroach because they kind of look like one.”

Looks can be deceiving, however, because the nasty-looking beetles are harmless.

Experts say the especially dry year we’ve had means even more bugs will be looking for the humidity of monsoon season.

“There’s definitely going to be a higher influx of everything across the board,” said Millet.

A lot of bugs come out at night, and are attracted to the cooler temperatures emitted by Valley homes. You may be especially attractive to the insects if you have a lot of plants and bright lights.

This “buggy” season usually sticks around through August.

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