Phoenix woman arrested after 4 dead horses found in backyard, 13 others neglected

PHOENIX - A woman is facing charges after authorities found several dead horses on her property in North Phoenix.

According to court documents, police received a call from a state inspector who was checking on a report of a foul odor at the residence near Interstate 17 and Carefree Highway.

The inspector called police after 33-year-old Jennifer Irene Hinds refused to cooperate with him.

When police arrived they approached Hinds and tried to get her to talk about the horses.

The inspector reported he could smell the dead animals and saw a dead horse lying on the other side of the fence under a piece of wood and plastic.

The inspector said Hinds would not respond to questions and then he went onto her property to check on other horses.

The inspector said he found two more dead horses and another that was dying.

"They were literally allowing them to drop dead in their backyard from starvation and then taking measures to bury some of them," said Soleil Dolce, with Arizona Equine Rescue.

According to court documents they found a total of four dead horses and 13 others that were neglected.

Dolce helped rescue the surviving horses on the property.

"One of the horses was so weak it was actually falling over as it walked. We were worried it would keep falling over. It was just under muscled and underfed," said Dolce.

The inspector got a court order which was served on Hinds on Thursday.

Hinds was arrested and charged with four counts of killing a work service animal and 13 counts of cruelty to animals.

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