North Phoenix residents cleaning up after storm rips through neighborhood

PHOENIX - Residents in a North Phoenix mobile home park woke up to a big mess after a monsoon storm ripped through their neighborhood near 3rd Avenue and Bell Road Wednesday night.

"The neighbor called and said the roof was gone and I thought he was exaggerating," said Cathy Barrick.

One minute Cathy and her husband Dave had a roof, the next minute it was gone!

"They said the roof shot up 40 or 50 feet and started twisting like this and landed over on the street," Dave said.

The couple just moved into their home two months ago from Indiana. This was not the house warming gift they expected.

"It was like it was raining in here, I mean water was just coming down for the ceiling and every seam," Dave said.

After just one call to a Home Depot worker, the Barricks got a big surprise.

"She showed up with not only a tarp, but 10 people and they put that tarp on the roof last night," Cathy explained.

Neighbors couldn't believe their eyes as they walked through the rubble.

Sucie Hemann said "I really didn't think it was that bad until I saw it this morning."

But the only witness to what really happened is the Barrick's dog, Teddy .

"He was inside by himself and that was our first concern, is the dog OK? Because I thought for sure that windows would be broken. With the roof gone, you got to wonder what's going on back here," Cathy said.

Dave chimed in, "She yelled his name and he came trotting around the corner, looked like a drowned rat!"

The awning landed about 100 feet way and, incredibly, didn't hurt anyone in the process.

Residents described the storm as fierce with howling, whirling winds and rain so heavy and thick they could barely see two feet in front of them.

They said it only lasted about 20 minutes but did the most damage they've ever seen in the area.

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