Neighborhood eyesore sparks yard war in North Phoenix

PHOENIX - Darla Riegel loves her home near 18th Street and Greenway Road in Phoenix.

"We've lived here 20 years," she said.

But she doesn't love what's been done with the place next door.

"He got the house at auction and ever since then he's been filling up the backyard," she said.

Darla has to deal with a yard so full of trash you can't even see the ground.

"Full of tires, wood, pipes, sometimes carpet," she said.

ABC15 tried to speak with the homeowner twice, but he wouldn't come to the door. Officials dealing with the mess did want to talk with us.

"We've been out there several times just in the last couple of years," said City of Phoenix Code Compliance Supervisor Patrick Ravenstein.

Ravenstein is very familiar with the property.

"We have a current case on the property as of today," he said.

This case is strike number three, and if the homeowner doesn't get his act together this time, Ravenstein said he can end up with a lien on his house or even face jail time. 

If there's a ton of trash in your neighbor's yard, you can call the city too.

"If it's of no value or if it's something that's been outside for so long that it's deteriorated and it's no longer worth anything it would be considered trash," Ravenstein said.

You can reach the City of Phoenix Code Compliance Department by emailing or by calling 602-534-4444. 

You can also report a problem with the My Phoenix App, it lets you take pictures on your smart phone and automatically detects your location to file the report.


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