NIRSA Championship soccer tournament in Vallley shortened due to rain

PHOENIX - The rain is putting a damper on many sporting events this weekend. And it's leaving hundreds of soccer players from out-of-state looking for something else to do.

A national soccer championship was even canceled Friday.

The gates are up and the soccer complex is closed at Reach 11 park at Cave Creek and Deer Valley Road in Phoenix where 2,000 athletes came to play at the NIRSA Championships.

Rain wasn't something they were expecting here in Phoenix.

Almost 100 teams have gathered here in the Valley for the championships. The college club soccer team started playing Thursday, but Friday the rain put a stop to it all.

Now they're trying to find something else to do with their time here.

Some athletes stayed in their hotels during the day catching up on homework.

"I was disappointed, because I usually don't like to come to tournaments and not play and do my homework instead," said Arianna Heyer from UC Berkley.

Others decided to catch a movie or even explore the city.

"We came all the way out here, and we been preparing all season for it. So I definitely want to get out and play," said Edwin Jones from the University of Miami.

If it was up to the referees, they'd still be playing soccer in the rain.

"We just got to wait and see what happens and hope for the best," said Paul Menoski, a referee from New Jersey.

Phoenix parks made the decision to cancel Friday's games. Officials say playing on wet fields can destroy them.

As of now the games are supposed to start again tomorrow, but they'll reassess in the morning.

We're told the games will just be shorter than usual.

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