More explosive powder found at New River home

NEW RIVER, AZ - A couple claims they found a metal vial with white powder on the same property where an explosive device blew off part of a man's foot earlier this month.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office swarmed the New River property after Steven Lane stepped on the device while helping a couple move out.

According to a search warrant, the couple living at the home told detectives they found the metal container near the shed and blast site. 

The document says lab tests showed the white powder was "lead styphnate," which is a highly explosive material.

Investigators don't know if the two are connected.

MCSO says they did found metal fragments around the blast area.

Earlier this week, deputies found three grenades on the property.

Detectives don't know who is responsible for the explosive device that hurt Lane, or the three grenades.

The case is still under investigation.



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