Book pulled from shelves at PHX school following mom's push for ban

PHOENIX - UPDATE: This story was generating a lot of attention Friday morning and was discussed during ABC15's Now@9. Watch the discussion by viewing the attached Now@9 video.

Judging from its cover, Hilary Lockhart thought her daughter's new book with a teenage girl on the front was harmless. Then she read it. 

"Shocked," was how she described her reaction.

Now, "Lovingly Alice" has been pulled from the shelves at Lockhart's daughter's school in Phoenix until the district can decide appropriate action for the next school year.

Lockhart said the book described sex in detail and used the words "penis" and "vagina". 

"Lovingly Alice", a fictional novel, is part of a series called "Alice" by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. The publisher lists it as appropriate for children nine and up. It can be found in the children's section of many public libraries.

Lockhart's 8-year-old daughter, Faith, borrowed the book from her school library at Quail Run Elementary in Phoenix. Children in third grade and above can check it out.

Lockhart says her daughter told her about the book because she felt the content was too mature for her.

Apparently, Lockhart isn't the first to complain.

The "Alice" series is second on the list of most challenged or banned books from 2000 through 2009 , according to the American Library Association. "Harry Potter" is number one.

Quail Run's principal, Gerald Michels, decided to raise the age restriction to sixth grade after Lockhart complained.

According to Marty Macurak, Paradise Valley School District spokesperson, the policy would only apply to Quail Run and not other schools within the district.  Macurak says each school should make that decision because the community is different and parents have different opinions.

Following this story's airing on Thursday, Macurak called a meeting with Lockhart and Michels Friday morning. They decided to pull the book indefinitely and will discuss what steps to take next once the new school year begins in fall.

Lockhart says she is pleased with the decision but there's still more to be done. She wants to implement this at all schools district-wide and even statewide.

The school district says parents can petition to have the book removed. You can find the forms to fill out on the PVSD's website .

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