Man bites woman's foot in Phoenix Target store

PHOENIX - Police are searching for a man after a bizarre attack where he bit a woman's foot at a Target store in Phoenix.

The assault happened Tuesday evening in the store near 27th Avenue and the Loop 101.

The victim told ABC15 she was walking in the food aisle when an unknown man walked up to her, dropped to the floor, and started biting her foot.

The woman was able to kick the man off and run for security, but the man was able to escape.

Officers do not know who the suspect is, but describe him as an Asian man between 25 and 30 years old.

They said it's important they catch him as soon as possible because there's no telling what he will do.

"That's my biggest concern right now," Phoenix police Officer James Holmes said. "If he's wiling to do this to a young lady inside the Target store, he's willing to do it to anyone, anywhere."

The woman went to the hospital and was given a shot and antibiotics to prevent an infection. Because the human mouth is full of germs and bacteria, bites are treated seriously.

The victim told ABC15 that no blood was drawn, but the man's teeth broke through a few layers of skin and left scratches as well as a strong burning feeling. She says she had just gotten off work and was wearing black heals when she was attacked.

"This wasn't just a little bite," Holmes said. "He bites her foot to the point where she's shaking her foot, trying to get him off."

Detectives are reviewing the surveillance video from the Target store and plan on asking for the public's help in identifying and finding the man responsible for the biting.

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