'Operation Write Home' says ‘thank you' to the troops with handmade cards

PHOENIX - When it comes to supporting U.S. troops, there's saying "thank you," and then there's really showing it.

Volunteers in Phoenix spent their Saturday working on a thousand "thank you" and various other cards for our country's troops fighting overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Jane Rappleyea runs a craft business with "Stampin' Up." She and many other patriotic Arizonans cut, glued, and designed beautifully decorated cards which will soon be mailed around the world.

The cards are made for the troops to use to write home to their families and friends.

For our country's armed service members, 11-year-old volunteer Wyatt Norton said it was the least they could do.

"I think they're really cool because they help save our country and give us freedom," Norton said. "It's nice every once and a while for them to get something that shows that we appreciate them."

All of the supplies, cards, and time were donated by Rappleyea.

You can find out about getting involved with Operation Write Home, or just learn about unique arts and crafts ideas here at Rappleyea's website.

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