Jodi Arias verdict: Juror expert predicts what will happen in Arias jury deliberation

PHOENIX - After four months, the jurors in the Jodi Arias trial have shut their doors for deliberation.

Dr. Jeffery Boyll has been studying jury psychology for 20 years. He said jurors in high profile cases are usually ready for a decision months before the trial ends.

"They're saying, 'Let's get this wrapped up,'" he said. "Most juries that I've talked to, when they are involved in a trial of this length, will tell us this took way longer than it needed to."

As a result, Dr. Boyll believes many jurors mentally check out after the first month.

"Many times they already have their minds made up," Boyll said. "If they haven't made up their minds, they at least have a strong leaning. And once they have that leaning, we have a tendency to perceive evidence that supports that initial leaning."

When Arias was on the stand in early March, Boyll believes some jurors were asking slanted questions that supported their belief of Arias being guilty or not guilty.

"I think the questions kind of show the jurors' hand," he said. "I think I heard one question about, 'If you lied about this and that, how can we trust that you're not lying now?'"

It's a tough decision that Arias jurors will have to make. Boyll believes the verdict will come in exactly one week.

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