Former foster parent Steven Joseph Holland accused of sex crimes

PHOENIX - A 52-year old north Phoenix man and former foster parent is in jail facing several charges involving sex crimes against minors. 

Court paperwork, released Friday, shows Steven Joseph Holland cared for more than a dozen children over the years, several of whom were mentally challenged.

Holland and his wife, Alma, were arrested at their home Thursday morning after a year-long Phoenix police investigation.

According to officers, the Hollands are former foster parents who had their license pulled shortly after the investigation began.

Those close to the situation say a brave child came forward with information which sparked the investigation.

According to jail records, Steven Holland faces charges that include sexual conduct with a minor, furnishing obscene materials to a minor, three counts of child molestation, two counts of sex abuse and others.

His wife was booked Thursday on child abuse charges and released Friday.

According to investigators, seven victims have been identified and claim Steven Holland videotaped at least one victim as she showered.

Those who live in Holland's neighborhood near Happy Valley Road and 51st Avenue expressed their concern for their own children. 

"Once I learned of the situation and the arrest, we planned to and actually did ask my son a few questions because my son had played over there with another young boy who lived in that (Holland's) home," said Robert Brown.

Brown said he had no further concerns after speaking with his son Thursday night.

"We feel pretty comfortable, but it's scary thinking that something might have happened to him, too," said Brown.

Other neighbors described Holland as a stereotypical neighbor who would wave and say hello.

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