Food fight at Horizon High School turns into felony charges for Conner Floyd-Elsesser

PHOENIX - A Valley food fight controversy comes with cell phone video that makes things even harder to understand.

A former Horizon High School student is being charged with assaulting a teacher even though the video clearly shows two teachers hovering over the student. 

The video even shows one of the teachers holding the student down on his back.

"What did I do to deserve being tackled?" asked Conner Floyd-Elsesser, the student at the center of this controversy.

The incident happened last May. Conner said he heard rumors about the food fight in the lunchroom, supposedly the biggest food fight that year.

His plan was to run away, but when the food fight began, he was tackled, held down and even punched by a teacher he trusted.

Several students wrote messages to Conner backing up his story.

"As I looked up I was so shocked and embarrassed," admitted Conner, who said his shoulder was injured when he was held down.  

But the biggest shock came later. County prosecutors sent a letter to Connor charging him with aggravated assault against a teacher. One of the teachers claims Connor assaulted him.

Conner's attorney Jason Lamm said he doesn't think prosecutors know about the videotape of the incident and wonders why police never questioned Conner about what happened.

"We will play this to win and go to court if we need to," said Lamm.

Conner was told by prosecutors he can enter a diversion plan if he admits responsibility.

Conner now goes to another school after his family moved.

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