Fire rips through attic of north Phoenix apartment complex, five families displaced

PHOENIX - Fire raced through the attic of a north Phoenix apartment complex Saturday morning almost undetected by the residents inside.

Five of the six apartments were completely destroyed, displacing the five families.

Kiro Seijuro thought it was strange when a ceiling fan in his apartment suddenly dropped to the floor.

"The top spinning cap of the vent was melted, the top half of the cap was gone…and it was on the floor. It was like cold melted sheet metal," Seijuro said.

Seijuro said the fan was still smoking so he grabbed for water.

"I sprayed it a few times with a one liter bottle of water and it did stop smoking but 20 minutes later I get a knock on the door to come outside and the whole place is smoking," Seijuro exclaimed.

That's about the time neighbor Rudy Basoco was leaving for work.

Basoco had called for a cab.

"As I was about to walk outside the door I smelled smoke not knowing it was my building. I saw the cab pull up and I waived to the cab driver, like I'll be just a minute and the cab driver pointed to the ceiling and I turned around and saw like flames coming out of the circle vent," Basoco said.

Phoenix firefighters tell ABC15 the flames went through the entire attic of the apartment complex.

Fire investigators are still working to determine what caused fire.

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