FD: Husband delivers baby on Loop 101

PHOENIX - Fire crews say a man delivered his wife's baby on a Valley freeway Thursday morning.

According to Phoenix fire spokesman Scott Walker, the couple was headed to the hospital around 4:30 a.m. because the woman was in labor.

"At first I thought it was Braxton Hicks then they just got stronger. The contractions went from four minutes apart to 'I need to get the hospital now,'" said new mother Alayna Robbins.

When they were on the Loop 101 near 7th Avenue, Alayna realized she wouldn't make it to the hospital.

"When we got to about the I-17 and 101 I told [her husband] Mike, 'Pull over and call 911, I'm having this baby now,'" Alayna described.

Her husband then pulled over and called 911.

When fire crews and paramedics arrived, Mike was delivering their baby boy, later named Bennett.

Crews took over for treatment, and the family was taken to Arrowhead Hospital in Glendale.

"We're all doing great," Alayna told ABC15 crews at the hospital.

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