FD: 2 injured in north Phoenix shed fire

Two people suffered serious burns after a fire sparked in a shed where firefighters said they were living.

It started in a backyard shed near 35th Avenue and Deer Valley Road Friday morning.

Firefighters tell ABC15 that a man and woman were taken to the hospital with serious burns.

The two apparently were living there or would sneak into the shed. The man's mother lives in the house and firefighters said the young man was kicked out of the home over on-going issues and he would sneak in there from time to time.  

Kevin Westfall, with Phoenix Fire, said that the couple would at times start bond fires and would smoke. It is unclear what caused the fire though at this point.

Westfall describes the inside of the shed as cluttered at almost hoarder conditions. 

No one else was injured and the fire remains under investigation.

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