Drive-thru prayer open for business in north Phoenix

PHOENIX - Driving home after a long day at work? Feeling sad or stressed out? Looking for an answer? Why not hit the drive-thru prayer service for a little help and hope.

"We want people to know the Lord listens to their prayers," said Director Faith Cummings.

The free prayer service is offered at Livings Streams Church at the corner of Central and Glendale avenues a few nights a week.

This congregation: one car at a time. You simply pull in, explain the issue and let the prayers begin.

The church usually sees a few drivers a day, maybe a few dozen every month. The topics range from simple issues and confessions, to big problems like abuse, divorce and death, shared by strangers out their car's side window.  

One woman we talked to was asking for the Lord's help buying a better car so she can keep getting to work. "It's just nice to have someone listen and I feel much better," she said.

Faith said "The art of it is also just listening to people who may not have anyone to talk or pray with."

To find out more about the drive-thru prayer service, check out the Living Streams Church's  website .


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