Dash cam video shows dramatic car chase and shooting in North Phoenix

PHOENIX - Gregg MacMillan is a private investigator, but was off duty when he noticed a driver harassing a woman walking down the street near 12th Street and Bell Road in Phoenix.

“I decided I better go back just in case something bad was going to happen,” MacMillan said.

MacMillan followed the suspect into a nearby shopping center, and was able to distract him long enough for the woman to run into a store and get away. But soon, the tables were turned and the suspect started chasing MacMillan.

“I looked in the mirror and he was right on my bumper,” he said. “I kind of did a couple maneuvers to see if he was following me and sure enough he was following me.”

MacMillan took off into a neighborhood to get away, and heard a loud boom just inches from his face.

“Loud explosion, glass shot across my face, my lips. At that second I didn’t even comprehend what was happening,” he said.

In the dash cam video from MacMillan’s car, you can see the glass from the driver’s side window fly across the front seats.

Despite the close call, MacMillan is happy to know he may have saved that woman from what was to come.

“That could have been you or a loved one,” he said. “And nobody stops anymore. Nobody helps.”

During the chase, MacMillan was able to drive to a police precinct to get away. Thanks to all of his dash cam video and pictures, authorities were able to track down the suspect and booked him for aggravated assault and discharging a weapon at a vehicle.

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