Court documents: Carol Sanders feared husband, Michael Sanders, would kill her and their daughter

PHOENIX - Court papers released Wednesday shed more light on a man police say killed his wife, teenage daughter and brother-in-law, before taking his own life in Phoenix .

According to the order of protection, 53-year-old Michael Sanders once ordered his wife and daughter out of their vehicle in a desert area where he took his gun out of the console, made them sit on the ground and remarked "It all ends now" and "I'm done."

Sanders' wife, 51-year-old Carol Sanders, told authorities her husband talked about "having nothing to lose," and said she believed he planned to kill them all.

Carol said that during an incident in October, Michael pinned her against a wall and screamed at her. She said he threatened to burn down their home with her inside if her mother didn't give them money to pay off the house, and if she didn't she wouldn't "see Xmas." At that time she told authorities Michael "owns multiple guns and has a very short fuse."

Carol also said she and the couple's 14-year-old daughter, Audra, were extremely scared of Michael, "not always knowing why and what he'll do." She said he was very intimidating and unpredictable when angry.

Carol Sanders had moved from the home and returned to retrieve belongings Tuesday after obtaining a protective order. Michael Sanders was supposed to leave but returned and shot all three with a semi-automatic handgun.

Police said Michael Sanders was using neighbors to let him know when his wife and daughter arrived at the home to get their belongings.

He first shot and killed Tom Fitzpatrick, who was sitting in a pickup truck that was backed into the home's driveway, apparently to fill with belongings, Crump said. Michael Sanders then confronted his daughter and wife in the garage, closing the open garage door. Neighbors then heard gunshots.

Arriving police weren't sure if Michael Sanders had fled, so a SWAT team sent a robot inside and entered when they saw no sign he was there. Police found Audra Sanders dead in the garage and Carol Sanders' body ablaze in the backyard. They then located Michael Sanders' body on a nearby neighborhood path, dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

A medical examiner will need to formally identify the bodies. But Crump said investigators are confident the victims are the wife, daughter and brother.

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