Slide Fire: Close Valley connections to areas near fire

PHOENIX - The Valley is also on alert as the Slide Fire creeps closer to Flagstaff.

Many people have homes in that area and are even planning on heading that way this weekend.

People with property up North are checking on this fire fight often.

People here we spoke with feel so helpless. They're worried about their homes and their friends.

But most of all, they're hoping everything they love about that area doesn't go up in smoke.

Mary Emerson calls Phoenix home. But south of Flagstaff  is home for her too.

“We've loved that home. We've just enjoyed it over the years so much,” Emerson said.

Emerson's house in Forest Highlands holds 20 years of traditions and memories.

“I have a lot of things that are meaningful to me, and it has a lot of memories for my husband and for me and my children,” she said.

Her eyes are on the wildfire. “Sickening. It really is, it's scary,” she said.

The thought of losing her family's favorite place leaves her speechless.

But Emerson won't let the fire stop her plans for the weekend.

She's heading to her house-- or as close as she can get.

“My natural inclination will be to get out my hose, and hose down everything around my house!”

She’s praying the flames will die down.

“Watch, hope and pray. That's what we'll do,” Emerson said.

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