Christmas gifts for customers stolen from front door, Valley businesswoman says

PHOENIX - A Valley woman says a number of her customers will be without some very special Christmas gifts after a thief stole packages from outside her front door.

Photographer Amber Myllion said surveillance video at her north Phoenix home caught a man walking up to the front door in broad daylight and taking over $1,500 worth of items on Friday.

"He's the Grinch who stole Christmas," she says.

The package was a large canvas order that Fed Ex had delivered and were all family portraits intended as gifts for the holidays.

"We had several canvases that we were tracking for a while," said Myllion. "Family portraits, beautiful children, headshots, a lot of kids."

Myllion said the canvases cannot be replaced in time, leaving her heartbroken.

"There were a total of 10 canvases, and four different families, and all of these were Christmas gifts," she said.

She said the surveillance system captured video of a man walking away with the packages and a woman in the getaway car.

"He wasn't green, but he stole my Christmas," Myllion said. "We felt violated, it's scary, this is our home and some random person is there taking our things, it's terrible."

Myllion also said the Fed Ex driver can be seen coming back to the front door a couple of minutes after the delivery was stolen. She thought that was suspicious but the driver later filed a report after witnessing the theft, but couldn't write down the license plate number in time.

Myllion said she is "sickened" to think that when the thieves realized what they had they probably threw the portraits in a dumpster somewhere.

A police report has been filed.

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